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As many of you may know, Bob Hanvey has a page for adapting 84 300ZX vented discs onto a 280Z. I've started the conversion myself, and am in the process of having an adapter made. One problem, is that the 280Z hubs are 25mm thick and the 240Z's are 17mm thick, so the adapters have to be different thicknesses to get the rotor offset correctly.

I created a part, for a 300ZX-280Z, and another for 300ZX-240Z. The 240Z I'm absolutely positive about, the 280Z I figured by measuring at junkyards. I don't know about a 260Z, it could either be 17 or 25mm?? Anyone have some specs?? The best thing for you to do (to be absolutely sure), is to go measure YOUR specific hub, and let me know how thick it is. I can then have a drawing created for your specific car, and have the rotor centered correctly. You need to measure this to within .01 or even better is .001

I've got some quotes for an adapter for mounting the 84 ONLY 300ZX front vented discs on the front of a 240-280Z. It will cost $80/set if 5 people want to get in on it. It will cost $70/set if 10 people sign up. If 15 people sign up, it will cost $60/set, and so on. It is made of Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, which is a high strength alloy. It's commonly used in Aircraft and semiconductor equipment, as well as most high-end aftermarket parts for cars. It has a high thermal tolerance, and machines very well, holding tight machining tolerances. It's made on a CNC lathe, so it will be very accurate.

If you are interested, let me know. As you can see, the more the merrier. I live in SF Bay Area, and shipping would be your dime. The total cost of my conversion, including NEW everything is:
1) '84 300ZX front rotors = $100
2) '88 Toyota 4x4 (4-Runner) = $170
3) Metal Matrix pads = $40
4) Adapter = $80-$60
Total = $370-390

This isn't a bad price, considering it's all brand new components, is a 4 piston caliper, with Huge vented discs. The only drawback is that the calipers are cast iron, and not as lightweight as some aftermarket guys, but hey, for @$400, you can't have everything.

Please let me know if interested
I plan on producing these around the end of next month.
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