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Are you a real Bean Bandit?????

> How do I do it. I am building a 2.8l N/A
> high output motor. I am using a Isky (is
> that spelled correctly?), 60lbs injectors, a
> intake plenum from a '77 280z (see questions
> below) and a N42(can't remember for sure)
> head, with a 5spd/Centerforce behind. I want
> to optimize my air flow so I want to go big
> bore throttle and AFM. I have read that a
> 300ZX has less resistance and is bigger. I
> know the TB is easy. but what about the AFM,
> what changes do I need to do to get it to
> work with OEM harness?

> Next, I have seen lots-o-plenums. The one I
> am going to use is from a 77 I think. I has
> no aluminum between the air runners to the
> head. I have seen other plenums that are
> tapered to the back and have EGR on them.
> The one I have doesn't have and EGR stuff.
> Is that the better one to use?

> Finally, Anybody found someplace to buy
> injector connectors?

> If you have any other info or links that
> will lead me toward my solution please leave
> a message a the beep.....

> Bean Bandit

My father in law was active in Southern Ca. car clubs back in the forties, fifties, and told me many stories about Bean Bandit car projects. Just wanted to know if you were a member of the Bean Bandits.

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Not open for further replies.