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> How do I do it. I am building a 2.8l N/A
> high output motor. I am using a Isky (is
> that spelled correctly?), 60lbs injectors, a
> intake plenum from a '77 280z (see questions
> below) and a N42(can't remember for sure)
> head, with a 5spd/Centerforce behind. I want
> to optimize my air flow so I want to go big
> bore throttle and AFM. I have read that a
> 300ZX has less resistance and is bigger. I
> know the TB is easy. but what about the AFM,
> what changes do I need to do to get it to
> work with OEM harness?

> Next, I have seen lots-o-plenums. The one I
> am going to use is from a 77 I think. I has
> no aluminum between the air runners to the
> head. I have seen other plenums that are
> tapered to the back and have EGR on them.
> The one I have doesn't have and EGR stuff.
> Is that the better one to use?

> Finally, Anybody found someplace to buy
> injector connectors?

> If you have any other info or links that
> will lead me toward my solution please leave
> a message a the beep.....

> Bean Bandit
The 300zx uses a mass air flow sensor which is completely different. I'm in the middle of trying to figure out how the sensor with the ecm from a 300zxt will work in my 280zxt. I'll post how to do as soon as I'm done.
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