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i read that the 240's have a R180 3.373 differential, and yet they still manage to get from 0-60 in 7.8 stock. how many second could u cut off that 0-60 with a differential in the 3.7-3.9 range, or even possible a 4.11

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actually it was 3.36 with the four speed and 3.55 with the automatic. check here for lots of information on the Z www.Zhome.com also here is the info on the 240. james
pittsburgh pa

1970 DATSUN 240Z:

Engine: In-line six-cylinder
Construction: Cast-iron block, alloy head
Crankshaft: Seven-bearing
Bore x Stroke 83.0mm x 73.7mm
Capacity: 2393cc
Valves: Single overhead camshaft
Compression rate: 9.0:1
Fuel system: Mechanical fuel pump,
twin Hitachi HJG 46W 1.75in SU-type carburettors
Maximum power: 151bph at 5600rpm (SAE gross)
Maximum torque: 146lb ft at 4400rpm (SAE gross)

Transmisson: Four-speed manual ( or three-speed
automatic after 09/70), 225mm diameter clutch.
Final drive ratio: 3.36:1 (four-speed) 3.55:1 (automatic)
Top gear per 1000rpm: 21.0mph (four-speed)

Brakes: 10.7in discs in front, 9in x 1.6in drums
rear, servo-assisted

Front suspension: Independent with MacPherson struts, lower links,
coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: Independent with MacPherson struts, lower
wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers

Steering: Rack and pinion, 2.7 turns lock to lock
Wheels/tyres: 4.5J-14 steel wheels with 175 SR 14 tires

Wheelbase: 90.7in
Length: 162.8 in
Width: 64.1 in
Dry weight: 2355 lb
Top speed: 125 mph
0-60 mph: 8.0 sec
Typical fuel consumption: 21 mpg

Source: 1970 Datsun Sales Brochure

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its an evil thought to match the stock 4 speed 240 tranny with a 390 rear end.. i was thinking about doing it for a day or so.. maybe ill do it and run a 1/4 mile.. id probably hit my top end at 1/8 of a mile lol..im scared if i do it ill wanna keep it like that.. and i have a perfectly good 5 speed in my basement
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