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2nd nicest 280zxt in Florida

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Sorry for the sales post, but I just wanted everyone to be aware:


Due to the recent pick up of my Canadian Black & Silver (nicest zxt in Florida), my Bronze baby is for sale. I would love for her to go to a z nut, so I'm giving all you z people first dibs before she is prostitued out on ebay.
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Hi Frank, I know, I still need to Email you the window stickers for your special 81 Turbo.... I'll bet you do have the nicest 81 Turbo in Florida but don't forget, I may have the nicest and newest 81 Turbo in the world! Sorry, I just had to add that line.... When are you going to put photos of your new Z on your Web Site? Send me your Email address again so I can get this stuff out to you.... I will also send you some photos of this fresh from the factory 280ZX Turbo.

Don't forget about me too.....I'd love a scan of the 81 turbo window sticker!!
[email protected]


They'll have to meet someday, to settle it.

my email is [email protected]

I'd love to see pics of your car also
that looks just like mine before it landed on it's roof!!!
Re: 2nd nicest 280zxt in Florida.. Frank and Phil..

You know, I was going to also include Phil's name in that post but I knew he would see this as well! O.K. guys, I know I have been saying this for months, so I better get the photos and window sticker copies out to both of you.... Yes, Frank, the cars must meet for a contest.... However, I remember you said your pinstripe was different so I guess BLUE AND SILVER wins again! Right Phil? Say Frank, you and I wish we owned "both" of them.... I know I do....
Thanks Richelieu, I figured you hadn't forgotten about me. BTW, I believe I'm the one who fessed up to having upside down pinstripes!! But blue and silver still wins!!
Hey now, you've got to at least give my baby a look
Have you ever seen a Color Code 885 T (Black and Diamond Mist Metalic)
(2 tone Black and Silver)?

I can't drive this car anywhere without someone trying to buy it.
and my stipes are a-o-k black-white-black thick on top

But hey.....my vote goes to RICHELIEU too, if he kept it in original shape since day one, he deseves the trophy for effort.

I've got to say on the exterior, the blue & silver and the black & silver are an equal match......but I think a blue dash is kind of goofy....maybe just me though
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Have to agree with you there, I've always liked black Z interiors!!
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