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280zx twin turbo?

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is there really 280zx twin turbo engines or do you have to build/buy one?
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oh ok
All you really need to make a twin turbo 280ZX, is just find a REALLY good exhaust guy and have him custom make you a manifold for it, and of course 2 turbos instead of one :)

There are a few twin turbo ZXs, but they're not really any more effective than one single bad ass turbo setup. I'm not really sure you can run a TRUE twin turbo setup on a inline motor...I'm pretty sure it'd have to be a sequential turbo setup, like 3000GTs, RX7s, and Supras. At least I've heard all those are sequential. The 300ZX twin turbo is a true twin turbo, running a single turbo for one side of the motor, 1 turbo for 3 pistons :)
You do NOT have to do sequential on an inline 6 twin turbo. That saidm I think you would get the same effect if not better with a single turbo well matched to the engine/type of driving and an equal=length turbo manifold - possibly a divided housing...
im not gonna do it. never planned on it. i just never saw or heard of one until i saw this one guy with one on cardomain. was just seeing if there was much difference between the twin and the single.
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Well I guess you're right Brad...now that I think about it, I guess you could run a true twin turbo set up. You could just have a guy make 2 manifolds...each with 3 holes for the front 3 pistons, and another for the back 3 pistons :)

Still, very expensive when a single turbo setup can be just as bad ass and MUCH cheaper.
Electromotive had done a test car for one of the racing 280ZXs back in the day but I don't think they had much success with it.

That was abandoned in 82...

they ran a "me too" twin turbo system like the porsches initially, but ended up getting better power and more simplicity with a single turbo for 82 and 83.

Had a lot to do with that big fire...

At the time with stone age electronics (tec1) they made 580HP at 7500rpm, with no electronic spark control whatsoever, just a penumatic dizzy!
A twin turbo setup is a waste of money and time in my opinion. There have been people who have done it, but as Tony said they didn't achieve any better results then a properly setup single turbo engine. to much hardware and to much fabrication, and room to properly do a twin setup.
More food for thought.........

....Bear in mind that with a single turbo you're running ALL your exhaust through the unit.

With twins, (3 and 3) you've divided your exhaust VOLUME in half in order to run each spool........hence, longer spool-up time, slower max rpm, and just generally inefficient operation, especially for typical street use.
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