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280ZX Turbo Stolen in San Antonio, TX

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hey people I was just letting you know in case anyone has heard anything about it. Its a 1983 280zx turbo 5 speed with mismatched color interior and the cars color is faded primer black. also has expensive tires. and a busted taillight, with louvers. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate your help in getting it back, or some of it at least, . Stolen from Universal City right by the Randolph AirForce Base. Lisence plate S15XXG

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Sorry to hear that dude, these Z's are definetly becoming harder and harder to find. Mines been stolen twice, so now everynight i pull the wire to my coil.
****!!!!!! YOU JUST DISCRIBED MY 83L28T TO A TEE!!!!!!!

Bought mine about 4ys. ago and I have spayed it gray,black,red ,grey,and after taking it down to metal,back to black primmer
again.Also some of this years income tax return was spent on
DAYTONAS all the way around.To really trip me out about what you write in your post is tail light broken.About 1 month ago one of the neighborhood kids ghost rid his bicycle into the driver side tail.Cracked a peice of it off. Anyways sorry to hear about your Z man,I'm sure alot of eyes are looking out for you.


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A friend of mine thought he'd play a practical joke and took my coil wire. I took one of the plug wires, put it on my coil and drove off. I would suggest a disabling switch for the primary ignition or in my case a switch for the fuel pump.
yea im my stealth i swap my ignition fuse to a empty spot and unhook my coil wire.

nascarma thats crazy, my dad hit my taillight with his truck, oh well hes passed away 4-20-04 no reason to be mad at him then or now.
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