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280ZX Turbo Shell --going, going, gone

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Last call. The car is going to the heap. Most parts are already gone. Post requests HERE.

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What is left, how much do you want and where in NY is the shell?
Where in NY? I need a hood, RH fender, bumper cover, hatch, doors... sigh...
It's in Putnam Valley, NY

I dont have any papers for it so I am not sure I can sell it. The parts that are gone are listed on the link:

Body is pretty rusty but some panels are still good, glass is good, dash is good, seats and rugs are messy, t-tops are pretty good.... Automatic trans is good and still in it. The drivetrain is all good but I am taking the CV shafts.

If you want to pick at it and can take the parts off yourself, gimme an email. It's in my driveway. Right fender looks OK, hood is so-so, hatch has dent and some rust.

Prices will be make a fair offer. I am not looking to make a killing here. I am getting rid of it.

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I'm in Putnam County, NY. Let me think it over (like, how I'm going to get the parts home) and I'll send you an email. Thanks for posting this!

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I am need of a hood thats not dented haha.. the one that came with my car when i got it looks like someone took a baseball bat to it once or twice right int he front of it.. but im pretty sure its not something that cant be fixed with a rubber mallet
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