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280zx or 300zx

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Have a huge dilema I have a 82zx chassis and good condition hardly any rust already strip down just doing the body work myself it needs body work and paint and i have my original 82zx that`s where all the parts are coming from to put a car back on the road, Here my dilema I came across a 86 300zx that`s in good shape but needs a transmission I check this car out it just needs the tranny the guy wants $700.00 for the car as is I`m pretty sure I can talk him down to $500.00 and rebuilt the trans and be back on the road with a zcar under $1000.00.tell me what you guys think ................thanks Juan
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My .02....

teh 280zx is by far the best looking Zcar out there...(no offence original zcar owners) they have a look to them that says "look at me I'm fast" <http://www.geocities.com/rexroach/burninrubber.jpg>
and they have the L28 turbo which is one of the best engine they have ever made..
<http://www.geocities.com/rexroach/burninrubber.jpg> (no oil)
just look at all the guys that put them in there 1st gen...
I say keep the 280zx your allmost done.... the 300zx is just way too ordinary looking... BTW I do love the original Z and am thinking of getting a 280Z because it's in great shape and would be a good to spice up a bit (V8 or turbo)..

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