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There are several things that can cause this.

Fuses - Check the A/C fuse (bottom fuse on right side of fuse box on kick panel) This fuse powers the selector switch. Sounds like you checked the fuse on the bottom of the blower motor already.

Water temperature switch - located in coolant line right below number 5 spark plug. If this is open the fan won't start 'cause there's no power to the selector switch. To test this quickly, disconnect the wires from it and jumper the wires across. If the fan will run with the wires jumpered, the W.T. switch is bad. *IMPORTANT* The purpose of this switch is to keep the blower from running until the coolant reaches 120 degrees. So.. if you try to make voltage tests at the motor with the engine cold, you may not get accurate readings depending on what you're trying to test. Jumper those wires if you want to test for voltage on the circuits that are powered off of the selector switch.

Other things to check are the blower relay, and amplifier on the bottom of the motor.

If you need further info let me know.

Bob A.

> My daughter's 1983 280ZX (non-turbo) heater
> fan quit.
> I replaced the motor and checked the fuse
> (next to
> the motor) but it still will not come on...
> Any ideas?
> (This is the ZX with the Automatic Heat/AC
> system)
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Not open for further replies.