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My daughter's 1983 280ZX (non-turbo) heater fan quit.
I replaced the motor and checked the fuse (next to
the motor) but it still will not come on...
Any ideas?
(This is the ZX with the Automatic Heat/AC system)

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I checked the Fuses (both A/C fuse and motor fuse)...also checked the H2O temp switch...
Still nothing...
There seems to be a small motor inside the dash that runs continuously whenever the ignition key is turned on....HELP!

> There are several things that can cause
> this.

> Fuses - Check the A/C fuse (bottom fuse on
> right side of fuse box on kick panel) This
> fuse powers the selector switch. Sounds like
> you checked the fuse on the bottom of the
> blower motor already.

> Water temperature switch - located in
> coolant line right below number 5 spark
> plug. If this is open the fan won't start
> 'cause there's no power to the selector
> switch. To test this quickly, disconnect the
> wires from it and jumper the wires across.
> If the fan will run with the wires jumpered,
> the W.T. switch is bad. *IMPORTANT* The
> purpose of this switch is to keep the blower
> from running until the coolant reaches 120
> degrees. So.. if you try to make voltage
> tests at the motor with the engine cold, you
> may not get accurate readings depending on
> what you're trying to test. Jumper those
> wires if you want to test for voltage on the
> circuits that are powered off of the
> selector switch.

> Other things to check are the blower relay,
> and amplifier on the bottom of the motor.

> If you need further info let me know.

> Bob A.
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