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My 280zx fuel pump has quit out on me. I know that I need to clean my tank before installing a new one. But my predicament is that I don't know what fuel pump to use? The only oem one I can find is 500$+ I don't really feel like buying a fuel pump worth a 1/6th of my car. I have heard some talk about an aftermarket pump but can't find the forum. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys, Sawyer
I kept the stock 280Zx fuel sender. I
made a small extension bracket to hold the pump. We welded a 5/16" nipple onto the pick-up tube, then added fuel-safe hose to connect the fuel outlet of the pump to the pick-up tube…. I’ve fuel pumps and sender that I can loss out for you if still interested. Thanks

Asking $320 for the 280zx fuel pump while the 280zx fuel will be $150.

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