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280zx dies when hot

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Car works fine until you drive it for 15 minutes and then it will die. Will start up again and will spreratically die . It is an 82 non turbo . TPS is clean and dry. Has anyone had this happen to them.
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Fuel filter?
ignition transistor?

Get some of that spray cool stuff from radio shack. When this problem happens again cool down the transistor (black box connected to the coil bracket with 3 wires comming out of it) with the spray and see if the car will start. If it does then you have found the problem.
Check the coil, Autozone can give you instructions on how to see if the coil may be bad.
its the ignition modual.. thats a very comon problem.. its the lil black plastic box attached to the side of the distributer. the problem will only get worse.. id sudgest ou replace it soon...
Mine had that... Coil I bought a Accel coil for $34

Check also the dizzy cap and rotor.
Look inside the dist. cap under the rotor to see if the magnetic thing is cracked.

79 ZX 2+2
electrical problem?
Like other said above.. but I would check the ECU. Had this problem before but diff car.
Can you open the ECU up and resolder everything in there. Not sure if you an do that with ZX
Oh, sounds like you need a new motor...might as well just get you a big bad turbo motor and solve that problem.
Before you spring for another ignition module, some advice:

Test it first.

Test it again.

If it is bad, try to find an original Nissan module (made by Hitatchi I think). The one you pick up from autozones for $130 sucks and probably wont work.

Also check your EFI relays. They can go bad intermittantly and cause the car to shutoff at weird times.

Check out that relay. When it goes bad it can cause the EFI to stop sending fuel. When mine went out, the car might start and run fine, but if I turned sharp or went up a hill the car would die. Other times, it'd die just because.

Hope this helps.
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Let us know of your progress and what was the failed part. This will help others.
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