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280zx and Z parts for sale

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here you go, i will let you guys look through these before i post them on ebay, i also have many other parts from my donor 82 280zx turbo, so if you dont see the items here email me and i will let you know if i have them.


the AC setup is a full package that will install (bolt in) into a 240z to 280zx, the exchange unit is actually made for mounting in a 240z but can be used on many Z cars, this unit was taken off working perfectly.

email me with offers and questions

i live in socal and would prefer local pickup on the large parts.
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why are you here?

e-bay them then put the link in car talk if you must...


Thank you Ray for giving us the opportunity first. Some of us appreciate that.
mdweiss very FIRST post is an advertisement.

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