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280z in movie in seattle needs datsun expert

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i am a vehicle wrangler for art dept. of the production of time travel movie being filmed in seattle in need of a LOCAL AS IN SEATTLE AREA LOCAL datsun owner to help keep a very beat up 1978 280z 2+2 runnig for film shoot. scenes include chases. this is an independent film. need help asap as in today as in i give you my number you call me i get you we go fix the car.....please or if you have a yellow 2+2 would love to maybe use it for the film as well....if you live out of area and want to consult by phone can do that as well.
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Must be a low budget film.
Deloreans are expensive....
infringing on cooprdog's territory...
Got a hunch the Z is gonna die.
ok i see maybe im looking in the wrong place......? the car is not a time machine its a charaters vehicle and its used for its looks. thought you guys might have been interested and maybe even enthused about such a thing being owners if these cars but i guess not.................so if theres anybody on here with a less pessimistic attitude
If I were'nt on the opposite side of the US I would hit it with a wrench until it worked.
To be truthful if I had a 78 280Z 2+2 I'd be very happy to help out with your film. Have you tried the Z guru thats near Seattle.

Zman: [email protected]

He may be able to assist you in fixing it up for your film, since I frequint the Indy channel whats the title?
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goto http://zspecialties.com/

You can get zman of washington Ph number and call him there. He very seldom gets on this site anymore but he is the guy to keep you running. He also used to have a lot full of old Zees.
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