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280z electrical problem

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I'm new ere, so bare with me....

I've got a 1975 280z automatic trans. I've replaced the alternator in an attempt to correct a charging problem (the battery is good), but am still not charging properly. I traced the line and found an external voltage regulator. It will be replaced. The problem is that all alternators on the market have internal voltage regulators on them. Does one of the voltage regulators need to be by-passed? Thanks.
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I think if you use the search function on this forum, detailed
instructions can be obtained by those who have done the conversion.

I've read them in the past, but do not have them saved and my
75 doesn't need it yet,

Just click on the search tab on this tech forum and insert the
words like "alternator internal regulator"etc and you'll fine
the right thread to read.

Z-On .....

75-280,stock,Tokicos,urethanes,78-5 spd.....
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Search <http://www.zhome.com> for instructions on bypassing the external regulator. I did that for my 240. Unfortunately the article did not talk about the need to place a diode in the circuit when I used it. If you search for diode in this forum, you will find information on that.
Not ALL alts have internal regs, some DO and some don't. Never the two shall cross. Norm K.
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