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I did it on mine in a day. I am pretty sure the clutch pedal mount was added at the factory even in the automatics so you just find a pedal and put it in, I have a 75' 280Z and it was there on mine. Also on mine the holes were already there but there was a plate glued to the firewall which I removed to mount the clutch. One thing to remember is to ensure you measure your driveline to be sure it fits. I think the worst thing about the switch on mine was the mess I made with the tranny fluid when we removed the automatic hoses from the cooler. I agree with you totally that a manual Z is much more fun... Good Luck

> Easy as pie. Just bolt it up and add pedal,
> etc. I switched from 4 speed to 5, but I
> can't believe going from auto to manual is
> much harder. The only thing different is
> adding the clutch pedal. I'm no super
> mechanic and I had no trouble. Good luck.
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