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Hi Dave,
Sorry for the late reply.
Definitely worth trying.
I think my problem lies with the non-original throttle body… it was installed by the former owner in order to achieve some extra power. Sadly I do not know which unit was installed and how it is connected…
I disagree. If the throttle body wasn't right for the car it would not only have a tough time starting, but would also run poorly once it's on. The way I found out my ignition switch was bad (I had the exact same issue) was when turning the key, the 'floor temp' light is supposed to come on (if you have one on your central console - which is a CA car thing). Mine wasn't coming on, then the second it flashed on, the car started. The delay is what told me it was the ignition switch.

Lemme ask you this, in your 4-5 key turns - if you turn the key and just let it crank forever will it not start but the second you turn the key again it will? I'm with dave that its probably your ignition switch if thats the case.
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