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I am looking at getting a 260z and it is an early model judging my the bumpers. I have been told that the later models of the 260z were a better car because the EPA crap was not as tight in the late 74 models. True?
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The early z was the 240z. The 260z was only made in 74. Only one model of the 260z, which was the lower HP year, and they were still carberauted
There are two (technically 3) 260Zs.

Depends on the production month. You hear the term 1974 and 1/2 when specifying 260s. Early 74s were I think lower HP than later 74s. Need backup from some 260 owners. My dad has one, I'm the ZX fan.

The third was available out of the US until 78 or 79.
The owner of this 260Z said that his is pre-2+2 what is the significance of that?
That means they didn`t make 2+2`s (Z with back seats) until the 280 model. Although I don`t know what that would have to do with anything as far as a selling point goes.
They did make 260z 2+2's
Argh, if you guys don't know please shut the **** up!

First, any idiot saying his car is 'pre 2+2' means a 240Z. Because there are both skinny and fat-bumpered 260Z 2+2's.

Second, this horsepower crap. Oh gawd. They changed rating systems more often than underwear. Totally useless comment.

Third, "EPA Crap" never gets 'better' if you judge it by it's presence. Later has more, but on a 260Z it's practically identical to what was on a 73 240Z so the point is moot. There were no 'midyear emissions changes' for a 260Z, in fact, they were allowed to make the carburetted cars until the end of the calander year since EPA regulatory cycles differ from DOT Compliance issues. In 1975 there were 1975 260's, 1975 280's, 1975 260 2+2's, and 1975 280Z 2+2's offered at Datsun Distribution Outlets. In fact most of the sales brochures for 1975 had the significant emblems airbrushed out so they could use them interchangably. So much for 'only one year'...which is guess was fourth.

Fifth (I guess) goes to 'how many' as 3 is claimed. What of the Fairlady 260Z which was independent and distinct from the Eurospec models? Or the one shown at the 73 Tokyo Motor Show with EFI? (What was that? "They were all carburetted?" ALL?)

Guys, I realize the question was phrased shittily, but c'mon some of this swarf is so poorly researched it's suitable for 'Showtime and Special Ed'...

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Okay I do not mean to sound like an idiot but the only thing different from a 240z and 260z is the engine right?
Sorry. I had a brain fart. There obviously are 260 2+2`s.
dashboard, tail lights, wiring system, engine displacement...

You ever search using google or any other internet utility? put some effort into it, gawd!
Yes Tony D I do. I spend hours researching Zs. The only thing is, everyone seems to have a different opinion about it on the internet. Anyone and everyone can and does post on the Internet. That is the point. Here you get answers from people who own and drive Zs. That is why I come here.
They stopped making 240's when they started making 260's. Norm K. (260's came next!)
remember the ZX's came after the "Z's"
"Here you get answers from people who own and drive Zs."

Just because they own one, or drive one, doesn't mean they know shite about them or their history. Case in point, prior contributions to the thread.

There ARE definitive sites which tell you what is what, and which are not open to 'opinion'... This is not my 'opinion' this is FACT. Because someone says it or posts it does not necessarily mean it's 'opinion'. People who think their opinion matters because htey have one are the primary reason you get bullshite answers like you did. If people would be content to keep their mouth shut when they don't know Whiskey Tango Foxtrot they're talking about, the world would be better off!

But your questions show you haven't looked for anything. If you did, you wouldn't be asking the questions you do. You're spooning. Get off your arse and do some actual searching, researching, and qualatative analysis on the information you get. It becomes clear in SHORT ORDER that there ARE general rules out there regarding what is what, and who is shooting their mouth off (or more appropriately, flexing their sphincter to make noise when giving advice.)

There are simple searches on Google that turn up DEFINITIVE ANSWERS to what you are spooning for here. Clarification is one thing, spooning because you're too lazy to compare three or more sources is another.
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This is a z forum site. You are supposed to ask questions on here. Why are you downing him for asking?
Mine started out under an oak tree near my house for $1,500. In storage from Cali for ten years here in NY. It had the dreaded vapor-lock problems of that era and the PO's neighbor made an intake manifold out of steel and wadded on a 2bbl from a Citation! Thin bumpers, but 280 dash. I just wanted an s30. ****, its had six different l28's in it in ten years.
1980datsun280zx said:
This is a z forum site. You are supposed to ask questions on here. Why are you downing him for asking?
38 posts, wow... you're a real contributor. Lets just say 'god helps those who help themselves'. There IS such a thing as a stupid question, unlike what you are told in school these days. That question is the one where the person who asked didn't put in a modicum of thought before asking it.

Before you down someone for commenting on someones spooner tendencies, perhaps you should actually read the content of the posts to see who actually answered the question with FACTS and then commented that each of them is actually quite easily researched.

"Downing him"? If I downed someone, they'd be field dressed and ready for the table. This is just a comment that laziness breeds upon itself. Stick around for a little while noobie, and see if what I say isn't true.
I guess someone should have just posted 'false' and then the moderators lock the thread and we all move on to the next question, right Pilgrim? I mean, that is the ANSWER he was looking for, right?

Put as much effort into the answer as the person asking it, RIGHT?
Self imposed exile over already? ::)
Woke up on the wrong side of Elba, maybe. ???

Friends don't let friends post drunk. ;)
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