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260z relays

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After 2years and three light switches I finally found my short. Now the problem is my windshield washers work every now and then and the wipers are one speed. There is a buzzing coming from the relays every now and then. I can't find anything about the relays or where to get new ones. Any suggestions?
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make a relay..
just get another one from another newer nissan..
some might tell you not to do that.. but everything is 12 volt i dont see what it could hurt..

i made a fuel pump relay out of an 86 300zx pump relay.. i used the old relays plug pattern and put wires for the old relay to new one.. and just black taped them next to each other.. no one will ever know...nyehehehehehehe
better yet, take the relays out of their cases and clean the connections.
yes.,.. that is better.. ii had to build one cause i lost a piece inside when it was messed up and thought i could buy a new one..

its hard for a relay to go bad and not be fixable.. there isnt much too them.
Right now I am looking for the wiper motor ones and the wiper delay.
Do a search, click here, on '260Z relays' to find the position/location of all the relays on the bracket above your fuse box. Or click here

Which one are you looking for?
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