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Okay guys what would you take

A. 1974 260z 2+2 $1100 to put i back on the road?

B. 1983 280zx $375 to put back on road?

I am thinking about selling my 1974 260z 2+2 for $1500 and buying the 1983 280zx for $750, it needs less work and run great where as my 1974 260z 2+2 needs some TLC, it runs good, it has a $1000 flat top carb kit on it, also has a full race CAM, bring HP to around 235HP, needs little body work, the basics, paint rail bars need to be fixed. I also have the stock SU carbs I am selling with it, i have some other parts too. Its got a stright body, engine has been rebuilt, almost all stock engine, The flat top carbs were added after market.

Let me know what you guys think? or if any of you guys want more info on the 260z

[email protected]

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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