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Hi. Things to consider.
General condition car minus that rail damage.
Condition of interior door cards dash seats and floor.
Does it turn over/run even poorly?
Your skill level as a metal fabricator and mechanic. (If you have to pay someone you will find even a car fair to good will cost a bunch)
A place and desire to complete a long-term project.
Cost of the car as is.
Well done this car can bring really good money but it can quickly go upside down on the cost to repair or restore.
There is great joy in the first drive that will never fail to impress.
If you can say "I got this" then get that "Z".

I am knee deep in my DIY 78 Z project car with my eye on the prize. So I understand all of the issues I brought above.

Oh, just so you know this type of project is like walking down train tracks. A grand wide plan where you stand and your project completion in the distance where the tracks meet. LOL
Good luck 👍 Motor vehicle Fender Automotive exterior Vehicle door Bumper
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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