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> I'm updating/upgrading my '73Z and hav
> reached the ignition. It is the stock
> point type. I've got 2
> questions, hopefully someone will be able to
> answer:
> 1. I've got a '78 Z engine with it's
> electronic ignition pointless distributor. I
> have none of the other parts of the '78.
> Would upgrading to the electronic unit make
> any positive change, and if so, what else
> beside the distributor do I need? Is it
> worth the trouble?
> 2. I also have a Jacobs Ignition Omni Pak
> from a previous car. I've used them with
> both good and bad luck over the years. Does
> anyone know if it can be used on an ignition
> with points? Will it be an improvement?
> Thanks
I used the Crane kit that Motorsport Auto sells. It cost $100 and replaced the points with an optical trigger. It was a great improvement over stock, and the mods needed were very minor.
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Not open for further replies.