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Hey if I put a Nismo header good flowing exhaust, K&N intake filters, Tune My SU's really good andport match my intake manifold HOW MUCH HP will i get out of my Car which is a 73 240Z???????

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> Probably 170-175hp GROSS if you are using
> the earlier carbs. You will probably get
> 130hp at the wheels.

Ian, hey how much HP do i get right now to my wheels and how much of an impact is noticable with that setup??????

My car is stock 73 crap except the carbs..

Dustin Morris

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> Dustin,
> I have worked with a few Z's on a dyno jet,
> from stock to modified heavily. To start,
> with stock carbs, stock cam, K&N
> filter....etc.... The header will make
> little to no difference. A guy on the IZCC
> mailing list who races ITS 240Z cars tested
> several headers and the stock manifolds to
> see what a difference it makes. Now these
> are basicly 240 motors that are producing
> near tops in hp for a stocker. They must
> have 240 carbs, you can run any manifold you
> want, but everyone runs the stock manifold.
> You can port match the intake/head. No
> porting/polishing may be done. the head,
> etc.. must be all stock. You can run any
> exhaust you want. So basicly it is an
> optimized stock setup. It turns out that the
> stock manifold does very well, especially if
> it is port matched,(easy to do). The best
> header,(or one of the top two, the other is
> no longer available), was the NISSAN
> Motorsports, or NISMO, large diameter
> header. It was something like 5hp over stock
> in some areas, but only 2hp peak difference.
> Similar for torque. That does not justify
> the 300 cost of the NISMO headers. I am not
> knocking them, for I am running those exact
> headers. But to really get the benifit of a
> header, any header, you need a cam, and at
> least port match the intake/head and the
> head/exhaust. I would reccomend a very mild
> cam, especially if it is to only be street
> driven. The first or second cam that
> Motorsport Auto carries are excellent. They
> are made by Schneider, a well respected
> grinder of cams.
> But a stock manifold, matched to the head,
> with a fabricated exhaust from the manifold
> back is the best bet for a mostly stocker.
> Stay away from the Motorsport Auto headers,
> and even the Monza. The stock manifold is
> just as good. The advantage of the stock
> manifold lessens with a cam, etc...
> Bottom line, what power? Stock, likely
> 115-120 in great tune for a 240. With a
> header, mild cam, and what I said above,
> 130-135. That may not seem like much, but it
> is a huge diffence in the way the car feels.
> The power quoted is at the wheels. The guy
> who did the tests on the ITS car, took a
> baseline each day, back with the original
> system, etc... so his tests were fair and
> accurate.
> -Bob Hanvey

Why do you specifically recommend not using the Motorsports header? Is there one that you would recommend? I'm running the Motorsport with 2.5 exhaust attached to a 2.8l, E-31 head with 280 valves, Schneider cam, 3xDCOE40's, lightened flywheel, 280 CD Distr, Crane HI-6 & PS-91. I gotta think think the exhaust helps!
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