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240z grille ideas/options

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been looking around for different grille options to fill the area where stock grille used to be and now more open area where bumper used to be as we removed it. needs to fill area of old grille all the way to top of air dam now.

dont want it to look junky with bent up screen etc.

im thinking some of the newer billet tubing kits for trucks might fit depending on sizes.
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Bad picture because of the the rain and the f'd up airdam, but you get the idea...

Its the alternate 240z grill.
I chopped it to make it fit with the air dam, otherwise its about a foot long so it covers a 240z behind the bumper and fills the gap. Had to fab up a bunch of crap to make it mount on a 280, but the early 240 it mounts right up to the holes.

78' 280Z 2+2 - Red-headed stepchild edition.
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How about either aluminum tube or flat, thick aluminum stock cut and spaced to fit (like the truck ones or the stock 280 one but continued through the former bumper area).

I've been thinking I'd sort of duplicate the stock one in aluminum with the exposed edges of the aluminum polished up real nice and Zoopsealed.

Aluminum is pretty easy to work with. You can cut with wood or metal cutting tools. Be creative.

Check out this topic... I think you are looking for something like this...


You will have to make it yourself though.
yes saw the alum tube stock at home depot last night and as soon as it stops raining gonna go take some measurments and see how it will look.
Brian, post pics and let us know what you think after you've done something. Could be a great tech article.

some of the aftermarket billet grilles for trucks are the right sizes and would only require a little trimming to make them fit. i just need to fab up a couple brackets out of site. ive been scoping out newer trucks withthe billket grilles in the local parking lots getting ideas.
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