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240z challenge now on History channel...

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Guys - on right now: History channel is repeating tonight (Nov 10th) at 11 EST a 240z mod and race special. Two cars are modified and then raced -- missed this show last week, going to catch it tonight...
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Saw that alrwady. Very disapointing. I taped it, but when I saw what and how they did that... I deleted it.
Why would anyone with 10cents worth of brain turn an engine with the brakerbar (so far okay) with the spark plugs installed??
Man, what is their problem? Did you see their times? With their "high performance cams" and headers, they pulled like a 14 second 0-60 time and 21 second quarter mile. Mine did the slightly worse than the stock 7.8 0-60 with 30 years on it and running more fuel than a rocket. The drivers must suck, or something...
Crap tuning is why they were slow.
crap tuning is right. They just installed the parts they never did anything to get the performance out of the cars
ya i was very disapointed it had some good facts about the Z but the actual modding and racing was lame although i hope some honda guys saw it and want to try and smash my z because they think it runs 21s
If you LIKED the Z episode you should watch the Mustang one.
A rather HOT finish!
i was pissed to see the four barrel convertion. i think a four barrel on a z is the stupidest thing ive ever seen, and i think its a waste of potential performance. 1 + 6 run lean and 3 + 4 fun rich. thro some fucking webers on it or keep it stock.
Like most do!

Tuning is becoming some sort of "Black Art" due to the marketing ploy of using the words "bolt on"...
I had to listen to the Father-in-Law last night drone on about his Camaro where he bolted on this that and the other thing, and then will have a custome chip burned for it all based on marketing.

He "estimates" horsepower, but will not buy a G-Tech, nor drive to the Dyno in Livonia.

But then again, what do you expect from a pop-culture mass-media marketing sucker?

Funny thing is, he has nephews that run down in Saginaw with a 1980 Malibu with a SBC and from what I understand are dipping into the high 10's now. Both he and I shake our heads when he gets on the "bolt on" chatter. He's got a resource in his nephew, but won't use it due to marketing.

I had to listen to the panic about the "ice caps melting we lost the size of texas this year" panic speech, too. I shake my head.
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