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I'm doing a 2jz( with a cd009 tranny) swap to my 1971 240z and I'm at the point where I'm looking into how to get my driveshaft to work. I thought ill use the old driveshaft and buy a cd009 input shaft, then of course the last step is to get the yoke, but I can't find one that fits both the input shaft and my driveshaft. So my question is what should I do. My idea on the matter is I can either enlarge my drive shaft hole to fit 1310 (originally .985'') or ask a machine shop to modify the original 350z yoke in a way to receive 240z caps. Both these options will require some effort, so I'm hoping someone on here has a better idea, or maybe even knows where to get what I'm looking for. Either way, any help is appreciated.
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