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240 260 280 differences

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I have a 78 280z which is the last of the 1st gen of Zs. body wise, I know that my 280 got the big bulky bumper to comply with new safety regulations. what I am wondering is what other upgrades and differences they made to the z cars from 240 through the 280. also what makes 240s more expansive other than more antiquation.
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They meaning 240z's, are lighter because they have less safety stuff in them. Over the years z cars have gotten heavier, although there are probably more reasons then that. On another note practice with the search on this site, these questions have been answered, and you may get fried for asking repeat questions.
240z was a car in its infancy, over the years it was improved. 240z would have one sway bar where 260z came with 2. This example may add 6 lbs of weight resulting in better handling. This is just one example, things added for performance, safety, or convenience. The 260z had forward folding seats, another pound or 2, but very handy. Look at part catalogues, wikipedia.
Another difference is engine output. The 2.4 litre engine produced 151 hp. In the 2.6 litre output dropped to 139. It was back up to 170 in the 2.8 litre, but that increase was somewhat offset by the additional weight of new safety features.
most published hp figures are not accurate. Without the smog parts and earlier carbs the stroked 260 motor should produce more power than the 2.4. Its a 240 block and piston, 280 crank and rods to equal 2.6. A stroked 240 motor.
heroe said:
240z was a car in its infancy, over the years it was improved.
I wouldn't call an additional 500 lb. over the years an improvement (early 240Z = 2300 lb., later 280Z = 2800 lb.)!
In SCCA ITS competition, the 240Z has always been the Z-car to have, next-best being the Z31.
For general sports car performance, the 240Z was the best of the inline-6 Zcar breed.
It was improvement untill late 74-79 where the additional weight was bumpers, thicker sheet metal, heavier differentials, gobs of wires and electronic doohickies, smog pumps etc. The early 260z was the last improvement on the 240z, and best s30 in existance. The 280z was as good as it got with efi and all the mandatory fattening safety equipment. Time to start a new design.
The 260 was not overly impressive in stock form. Once parts like carbs were robbed off of the 240 allowing the engine to breathe the 2.6 becomes pretty good. It should be noted, however, that in stock form the 240 was tough to beat.
A carb swap big deal. the z432 japanese interceptors were loads better than the S30 we will ever see. They came with 5.5 wheels because the customer put on whatever wheels they want. If fold down seats, wiper delay, better interior, anti theft system, 2 sway bars, stiffer chasis, bigger intake manifold, 2 hatch struts, no monkey motion shifter, C grind cam, and all the rest doesnt make a better car, get on the 240 wagon.
You cant get much more ideal than the early 260z which is a 240z body, stroked engine, hottest s30 cam ever, biggest intake. With redesigned 260z interior and taillights which became 280z stuff. Its the perfect s30 nissan made hybrid. It was nexus1. Then the law happened and rules changed. 74.5 back to the drawing board. How many early 260s does anyone really see anywhere? Thats about as much as people know about a 260z and a lot of assumptions happen. About 20%? 5:1, baby, 1 in 5. noone here gets out alive. You got the guns but we got the numbers. Gonna win yeah, we're taking over! C'mon!

thats jim morrison btw. disclaimer
Doors quotes, heroe is in something... mind expandind again.
Not trying to stir the pot here. However, while I agree that dual struts on the hatch and a stiffer chassis are huge improvements it stops there. Late 240's had fold down seats, intermitent wipers don't matter, and everything else can be added to the 240 (just like carbs ,that work, can be added to the 260). I'm not trying to say the 240 is better or vise versa, I'm just saying there are differences that attest to their current values. Additionally when the 240z was first introduced to the world it dominated several rallies giving it a great deal of race providence. And finally, the early 240's were the only z's to come with the better looking IMHO small bumpers. Of course like anything else these can be added to the later cars.
my 260z came with small bumpers from the factory, 5:1. See what I mean? We got a 240 owner talking about a car he doesnt know about. Early 260 had its own unique small bumpers. I'm not trying to anger anyone, just pointing out. I took my early 260z to a mech who has worked on z cars for 25 years, and he was interested in it, saying it had the 240 sheet metal and cutouts. How much does anyone really know about a z that barely exists besides the owners.
Well, I learned something new today :) Does your 260 have the rubber inserts like the 73 240? Also, what were the production dates for that variant? Thanks for the schooling.
Sorry bout the strong wosding just trying to destroy the myth that the 260 was junk only good for parts. I'll go into bumper details later tonight. Thanks for hanging in there.
yes the rubber strips are longer, and the c shaped blocks are wider and shorter with different spacing. Front bumper mounted on gas filled shocks like the rear. Front tag mount on LS of bumper bar. Rear bumper bolt pattern different on the roll pan. Tow eye brackets mounted there. Its pretty much like explaining the 73 vs 70 bumper but more. Tried to mount a rear bumper a 73 on the 260, wont work. but you can swap the center section, where most of the mounting problem is! Or make custom brackets. I ended up doing that. I made a replica out of sheet metal, large holes. Then cut it so the bumper bar attachments were free from where it attaches to roll pan. rounded the edges where cut. Drilled 2 holes in a fender washer, drilled bracket piece at cut. Now use the fender washer as a pivot hinge for pieces with a nut and screw. Adjustable brackets. The range of motion is nice. I bet you could have light rear supports damaged and you could still level the bumper. But due to size, crank down your cars fit, and tack weld it, remove screws, nuts.
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Thanks for the info Heroe. It was not my intention to imply that 260's were only good for parts. I can hinestly say I have never given any a close look, not enough Z's in Montana :( There is a guy a couple of blocks from where I live who still has one he purchased in 74. Now that you peeked my interest I might have to convince him to let me into the garage.
Had 2 keep editing that last post. Doh! Rounded corners not edges! anyway I got carried away. Theres no question like whos is better to make folks crazy. I cant wait to start the 240. I daydream about widebody kits. We need a 280z driver on here.
Ya just can't put the 240 taillights in a late 260 or 280....:(
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