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The 2018 Mitty (http://www.themitty.com) is almost upon us. It will be April 27-29 at Road Atlanta. Nissan and Datsun will be the featured marque. John Morton will be the Grand Marshall.
It's a great weekend of vintage racing, and there will be lots of Z cars in the paddock and in the infield.

I received this in an email today from Grassroots Motorsports Magazine:

Adam Carolla is bringing his Bob Sharp 610 to race at the Mitty along with BRE Roadster to display.
We are having the Classic Motorsports Saturday night party in our tent starting with John Morton autograph session at 6:30 pm and free beer from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
We will also be showing some old Nissan/Datsun race footage Racing Against All Odds along with the Paul Newman documentary with Adam Carolla and John Morton doing some commentary.

You can get tickets for the Mitty at http://www.hsrtickets.com
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