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Year: 1994
Color: Dark green (DJ2) exterior, tan leather interior
Miles: 101,345
Body: Generally good condition. Please view photos. I've used official Nissan touch up paint here and there to cover some scratches and the posted pictures includes blemishes.
Interior: Generally good condition. Please view photos. Manual 5 speed transmission. T tops. Leather has some cracks. Bose stereo.
Modifications: None. The car is stock.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Issues (See photos):
1. I believe the vehicle needs a new rear differential.
2. Hood and back bumper could use a paint refresh.
3. Front windshield has a crack.
4. Rear tire well has a dent.
5. Speedometer does not work.
6. Interior leather has some cracks.
7. CD player does not work.
8. Remote entry key fob does not work.

Asking Price:
$9,000. If you feel a different valuation is more appropriate, I am open to hearing your thoughts.

Additional information:
This car was purchased new, and I have been the sole owner. Every service receipt is available for review.

I've loved having this car. However, recently there was a very loud sound coming from the rear. I took it to a shop to take a look at and was told the rear differential is failing. The car currently runs but I suspect will require some attention very soon.

Given that I don't have the expertise or time to repair the vehicle, I've decided that the best and easiest option is to sell the car as is. The car is 100% stock. The current tires are Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 225/50ZR16's which are brand new with about 10 miles on them.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like other information.


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