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Hello everyone,
Circumstances force me to sell. This is a 1990 NA w/auto transmission. I have rebuilt the upper/outer part of the engine (see list below of the new parts this car will come with).
Alas, I took a shot at just doing the heads and I lost... she threw a rod at 160K, so the engine will have to come out. Included is a young (60K) and solid transmission and brand new OEM catback system.
I will consider any reasonable offer; but I have to sell.
The car is located in Middletown, NJ; buyer will have to pay for transport (including the extra tranny which is on a pallet).
Anyone interested please E-Mail me at the above address; I can provide photos.

1990 Nissan 300zx new parts list/cost

Ø Premium 120K timing belt kit $503 (Courtesy Nissan)
Ø Knock sensor $119
Ø All radiator cooling hoses + new lower shroud $100
Ø Upper plenum bypass hose kit $ 86
Ø New PCV valves and hoses $ 40
Ø Spark plugs $55
Ø Fuel Pressure Regulator $67
Ø Fuel Damper $65
Ø Fuel filter $12
Ø Complete head rebuild gasket set $239
Ø New head bolts $56
Ø Radiator cap $12
Ø Heater hoses $20
Ø Cylinder heads rebuilt $500
Ø Rebuilt fuel injectors $350
Ø New right fender and bumper cover $450
Ø One new tire (rest are good) $100
Ø New brake master cylinder & all new ceramic brake pads $150
Ø Auto transmission in excellent condition from 60K miles car $550
Ø New Bosch battery $70
Ø New catback system (OEM type by Walker) $300
Ø New 2-row radiator $120
Ø Used power steering pump $60
Ø New left O2 sensor $125
Ø Temp sensor for coolant & harness/plug connector $50
Ø Rear wiper motor $50
Ø New air filters $30
Ø New driveshaft center support bearing $110

TOTAL $4389.00

Originally paid for car $2500


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Oh, and without pictures is like looking at Playboy without pictures, worthless =0)

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OK, you're advice is well taken. I'll shoot some pics and find my way over to the classified section.
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