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1988 Nissan 300ZX *** MECHANIC SPECIAL SPECIAL ***

1988 Nissan 300ZX (NOT a TURBO; low miles) *** MECHANIC SPECIAL SPECIAL ***
GS 2+2 coupe (a vintage classic collectible Z car)
less than 85k miles so far
clean title
automatic transmission, 4-speed, 3.0L
glass t-tops (removable)
It passes smog every 2 years.

This car is perfect for a mechanic that owns a 300ZX of this generation and wants an almost-

complete car for parts.

I'm the 3rd owner. I bought it at around 31k+ miles back in late 2001. The 2nd owner had it for

about 400 miles.
The 1st owner was a grandma who used the car just for grocery trips to the store (1 mile each


Here's the VIN #: JN1HZ16S8JX204015. I welcome you to pull up a Carfax report.

I am selling this car b/c I got screwed over by my mobile mechanic. He did a great job on one

of my other cars (a 1990 Ford Escort) by changing the timing belt and water pump. He had me

buy my own parts and only charged me $125 for the labor (it took him about 5 hours at night w/

a flashlight).
So on this car he was supposed to change my timing belt and water pump. He was also

supposed to fix my blown head gasket. He spent 2 full days in front of my house. During that

time he figured out why my car died (while in motion). Apparently my temperature sending unit

failed. It failed because the radiator hose busted and the car overheated. Hence the blown head

gasket. Well, he showed me a couple of the cylinders only had hairline scratches inside them.

So we figure all he has to do is put it all together and just get a radiator hose (he had the hose

w/ him). Problem is, the stores don't seem to stock it. I finally check eBay and see all kinds of

them online. I tell him to order it. Weeks go by before I figure out that he's not coming back.

I don't know the full status of where he left off but it looks like the timing belt & water pump are

installed. The head gasket and hoses just need to be put back together, and a radiator hose will

need to be bought.

Asking $1000 (firm). Tow it all away (all or nothing). You can make an appointment to come

see it.

text or call 916.416.8805

I am located in Sacramento about 2 miles northwest of Bradshaw Rd & Calvine Rd, north of Elk

Grove, CA. I'm actually a 10-min walk from the intersection of Vintage Park Dr & Waterman Rd.

If you can get to this intersection, then you are just 3 turns away from getting here.

Please let me know via email if the pictures are not showing up or you have questions and I will

email you back a reply.


Known issues:

The gas gauge is broken. I just reset the trip odometer after each gas tank fillup (it's a 19 gallon

tank so I could potentially get 380 miles on a tank of city driving).

The cruise control button is broken. I used it too much.

The outer paint (sides and rear) has key scratches from the 2nd owner's jilted ex-girlfriend. It

goes almost all the way around the car.

The front right fender has white paint on the corner. It was a result of my wife turning (at less

than 5 mph) and hitting a soft bollard in a parking lot 5 years ago while practicing for drivers

training. The fender has no signs of physical damage.

The hood release lever cable snapped near the lever so the lever has been replaced by a pull


The dash board has a split in it from 2 or 3 years ago when we had 2 days straight of 105+

degree weather in the summer.

The A/C doesn't work. I believe a tech told me that the compressor leaks but I never verified it

since I don't use A/C anyway.

I believe these are all minor issues. The engine is mechanically sound and should last a long

time especially since I never put more than 5000 miles a year on it.

The rear view mirror is on the floorboard behind me. A year or two ago my 4 YO daughter just

pulled it down. The plastic part of the base is what broke.

Sometime in February 2015, the passenger-side power window stopped working. I can hear the

motor running but the window doesn't go back up unless you pull on it. It does go down though.


Good points:

The car still has under 85k miles on it (yes they are original, and no, the odometer is not stuck).

This car is as reliable as any car out there. I'm surprised how good it is. It doesn't have any

features anymore but it gets me to where I need to go. I don't love this car because it is a Z car

but because it is a reliable car for me. About the only times I've ever been stranded is because

of a flat tire or a dead battery. Problems not related to Nissan.

The tires have less than 12k miles on them and they are 2 years old. Also the timing belt and

water pump are new and have 0 miles on them.

You get a new set (all 4) of Wagner brakes that are still new in box (un-opened).

I am averaging about 20 MPG for city driving. If you want, I could email you my spreadsheet

(upon request) documenting my MPG.

This car is a Z31 w/ parts compatible w/ any 1984-1989 300ZX.


Here's my current maintenance record:
1988 300 ZX GS 2+2 bought 08/2001 at 30,804 miles
license plate: 4RAP688
VIN: JN1HZ16S8JX204015
mileage: 84,962
gas mileage (city-hwy): 17-25 mpg
last oil change: 7/14/14
last tire rotation: 8/31/13 (recommend every 6k miles)
last SMOG check: 2/12/15
DMV Vehicle Registration Renewal due every April 8 $82
can pay by e-check or credit/debit card
tire codes: 215/60-15 one says "8100213". One is "8102412".
Two say "8102612" Changed at 79,500 miles (America's Tire)
Yokohama 93T B5W Avid Touring-S
battery (dated 7/09) replaced on 9/16/13
changed out distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug wires on 11/12/14.
timing belt and water pump changed on: a few days after 7/24/15 at 84,962 miles.

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