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Year: 1986
Model: 300zx 2+2 GLL
Engine: Normally Aspirated (NA) – Non Turbo
Trans: 5 Speed Manual
Color: Gun Metal Gray Exterior / Gray Interior
Mileage: 480000 shown on odometer
Description: Selling my 300zx 2+2 GLL t-top. The timing belt broke in the engine, so I’m assuming an engine rebuild or swap will be needed to get the car back on the road. I have several Nissan parts to go with the car: Turn signal/Headlight Combination switch, Interior door handle – drivers side, Drivers door lock assembly as well as other misc parts. I’ve printed a Factory Service Manual – it’s in two large binders that will go with the car as well as two red books that came with the car from the factory. I replaced the motor when I bought the car 10 years ago, with new motor mounts at that time. The 5 speed manual transmission was replaced a couple of years later with a new Poly mount. The rear end mount and the rear sub frame mounts were replaced with Poly mounts as well a few years ago. I installed an after-market radio with new speakers in the doors and rear of the car. One year ago, I replaced all the fuel line hoses between the fuel filter and the injector’s as one of the hoses sprung a leak. Replaced all the vacuum hoses with silicone hoses in the engine compartment. The AC never worked for me – all the parts are there, the display showed low gas and I never took it to a repair shop for some R-12 freon. The heater worked great! The upholstery on the seats started ripping and coming apart at the seams last summer – you can see some of it on the attached pictures. The speedometer cable snapped, so the speedometer was working sporadically the last couple of months. The steering rack was leaking – needing to be replaced but still working. The clear coat has come off all the horizontal surfaces (hood, tops of doors and around the t-tops), but the vertical surfaces (sides) the paint still looks great. For the t-tops, the covers on the sides were coming off – falling down. I was investigating replacing them when the engine broke.
Car ran great and was a blast to drive. Summer with the t-tops off was wonderful, but I don’t have the time to work on the engine or replace it. I won’t part it out, but you are welcome to, or get it back on the road.
I’ll answer any questions as quickly as I can. Thanks for your time.

Asking price: $800 (obo)
Name: David
Phone: Nine One Six 347-O531
Email: [email protected]
City/State/Country: Sacramento, CA


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