Hey guys. Today I'm unfortunately going to be selling my1986 2+0
This thing has been one of my dream cars for years. I came across this project about a year ago. I bought it from an older lady who had it sitting in her yard for about 5 years. There were several aftermarket pieces put in from coils to tires to a boost gauge on a N/A car which didnt really make any sense to me. I started working on it trying to get her restored. I wasnt really expecting it to be an easy job but in the end as you may notice the car is now being listed for sale. The engine/transmission has already been pulled because i had some really crappy people come and vandalize my car by cutting my engines wiring harness. That unfortunately really killed most of the hope i had and kind of put it into perspective that i really dont have the money to be trying to build out some super cool engine nor the experience. I have a bunch of Components from the car still sitting inside of her but at this point i have called defeat and will be looking for a project that is already running.

As far as the car goes:
It is a complete roller meaning the suspension components, wheels/tires and such are there but you will need a Tow
Just So There Is NO CONFUSION: The Engine and Transmission are pulled out.
The original T tops are still operational and the seals are still good on there.
Door cards had been removed before i bought it and are still in my possession but not installed.
Seats have been taken out and were replaced with aftermarket seats. Still Aailable.
Wiring Harness was an absolute mess after it got cut and most of it will need to be pulled.
I do still Have the stock Ecu if it is of any interest

Well thats all I have for now.
Until someone buys her She will remain in the backyard