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> I recently purchased my Z and the radio was
> not working when I bought it. I took it in
> for repair and was told they can't find
> parts for a Clarion that old, and I should
> find a good aftermarket stereo to replace
> it. I'd like to do the work myself, but
> there is something on the back of the old
> unit that has me stumped. There are two plug
> receptacles....one is a five pin and it
> connects the radio to the casette player.
> The other is a seven pronged receptacle and
> I have no idea where it goes or what it
> does. I believe the power antenna also hooks
> into the radio as I can see no other switch
> for it. It doesn't work either, by the way.
> If anyone out there can recommend a good
> aftermaket stereo and explain these
> questions I have, I'd much appreciate it.

I just finished putting an aftermarket Pioneer CD player in my z. The
recepticle that you are talking about goes to a knob (stereo/wide) that should be on
the right side of your ash tray in a hole similar to the lighter. If it is not
there, no need to worry you cannot use it with a new stereo anyway. As
far as the power antenna you will have to use the switch and connect it to
the antenna wire on your new stereo or the stereo won't work (don't ask me
why). I got a pioneer supertuner III for christmas. It came with two 6 1/4
pioneer speakers the package only cost $150 dollars on sale at Wal-Mart.
It sounds great! Hope this helps.
P.S. You will also need a faceplate to cover the big hole. I'm going to get
mine probably through Motorsport Auto
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