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> I recently purchased my Z and the radio was
> not working when I bought it. I took it in
> for repair and was told they can't find
> parts for a Clarion that old, and I should
> find a good aftermarket stereo to replace
> it. I'd like to do the work myself, but
> there is something on the back of the old
> unit that has me stumped. There are two plug
> receptacles....one is a five pin and it
> connects the radio to the casette player.
> The other is a seven pronged receptacle and
> I have no idea where it goes or what it
> does. I believe the power antenna also hooks
> into the radio as I can see no other switch
> for it. It doesn't work either, by the way.
> If anyone out there can recommend a good
> aftermaket stereo and explain these
> questions I have, I'd much appreciate it.

I put a Sony CD player in my '83 - For some strange reason you have to use the 'power antena switch' from the old stock radio to get the antena to work. The two sets of plugs in the back should be -one plug for the radio side and one plug for the cassette side of the stock radio. If you get some 'smoked plexi glass' it makes a great plate to cover the hole left by that enormouse stock radio. It took me about 15 minutes to cut out the faceplate of plexi. When I installed my system I didn't use any of the existing wiring though - just run a fused powerline from the battery to the head unit, and ran my own wiring for the speakers - amps - crosovers - etc.... The most time consuming thing about it should be removing and reinstalling the console.
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Not open for further replies.