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Well, I have been forced by my parents to sell my intended SCCA race-prep car in order to purchase a new (in other words warrentied) car.

I would like to sell it as a parts car as here are the things wrong with it:

-Reverse synchronizer doesn't play nice sometime
-Some rust on a couple of body panels (including one left front fender in the color of black
-Original radio gone (though I do have the Crutchfield insert for a newer Din-styled radio)

Now, don't get me wrong. It's drivable, its even inspected, just I think that one could do better with the rock solid engine (no blue smoke, great throttle response) and the solid body (no wrecks at all, body straight).

All that would be needed is the nicer interior parts, a paint job, and of course a turbo, perhaps new racing suspension....but I digress. =)

I personally installed new brake pads, water pump, and several suspension parts, and it has new platinum spark plugs and new fluids.

I am asking for a firm $500 for it.

It is located in Dallas, near I-635 and I-35.

Email me if you have any questions or would like for me to put up some pictures.

Philip Howell
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