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1982 280ZX Turbo question

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I just bought this 1982 280ZX Turbo with auto transmission. Car was running great couple of days but then problem started...
It runs fine and very powerful, but after 15 minutes or so, it runs really crappy...
I replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor and also fuel filter...Still no help...

It acts like starving for fuel, but I hear the fuel pump humming...(that may not mean much)

Once it stalls....It won't start again for a while...Couple of hours or so..
But, if I crank the starter 45 seconds to 1 minute, it will start again, but still with caughing and sneezing...
Any pointers and feedback would be appreciated.
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Is your ignition coil cracked or leaking oil? If it looks OK, check AND clean all your wiring connections, especially the temp sensor. If everything looks ok, run the car till it stalls and check for spark, if it's not sparking, check the coil or ignition module.
First check your fuel pressure, more than likely thats the issue. There is a tiny screen in the fuel pump that helps keep junk from the tank getting into the injectors.
a rig you can make to check fuel pressure. goes between filter and the ring. You could also have a faulty fuel pressure regulator. I agree with skittle more likely a fuel issue than electronics. but the other advice on checking ecu, tps and afm connectors for corrosion is valid. another possibility is that z's don't like low voltage. marginal battery, corroded battery cable terminals can cause gremlins. Be sure the ground strap grounds first to the body (should be a bolt about a foot below the battery box) then to the starter. grounding direct to the starter is not a reliable connection. one size fit all terminals shown in pic are also a headache waiting to happen.


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it seems that you have a blugged fuel line.Check the gas tank for rust or debree,the inlet and the outlet hoses in and out of the fuel pump and also check the little screen in the out line from the fuel pump(14mm).Check out you fuel filter and the lines.
Your issue is a fuel not going to the engine.
If every thing is good then jump or start to diagnose the other stuff.
Thanks guys....Great feedback.....
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