Hey there everyone, I'd like to lead with "I don't know much about these cars," it belonged to my uncle who bought it new at Scottsdale Nissan back in 1981. He passed recently and my aunt asked me to help her sell it to someone who will enjoy and appreciate it for what it is. From the research I've done I think it should be worth somewhere in the mid-$20k range but it hasn't been prettied up or made to show so I've listed it where it is. We have the original monroney somewhere and my aunt is looking for it but I don't have a picture of it yet.

Here are the details that I know about the car:

-Starts and turns over immediately, just got a new battery.
-84,453 miles as of 2/21/2023. I drive it for her a few miles every couple weeks just to keep all of the parts moving and lubricated.
-Title is clear, no accidents, it was purchased in 1981 brand new by my uncle.
-It's been garage kept in Arcadia ever since it was purchased so there is no sun damage and no rot.
-It's in excellent condition but it is a 42 year old car that was driven on weekends so it is not perfect.
-I don't know if the air conditioning works and I couldn't figure out the radio but the radio probably doesn't work.

-Lastly, I couldn't discern any issues with it but I'm not a mechanic. If you want I am happy to meet you at a mechanic to get it checked out. I would prefer to keep it in the Arcadia / Paradise Valley area as I don't personally want the liability of driving the car long distances in our crazy valley traffic.

I'm sure I left some stuff out so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me. I can send you my phone number if you'd like to talk about it and ask questions, I'm just not going to post it on here.