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Hi all,

i recently picked up a new Z car project and I am having a difficult time trying to get it running. I will try to organize the info i have as best as possible.

From a high level, the car will not start when cranked. Occasionally if you hold the throttle open you can get it to light off but it will barely chug along on a couple of cylinders before cutting back out. If you pull the plugs after cranking they are soaked.

Another odd thing i have noticed, the fuel pump runs any time that the key is in the run position. Fuel pressure is good at 38psi, return line to the tank is clear as well. I took the CSV out of the circuit and put a fuel pressure gauge on the soft line where it used to connect.

I also put an oscilloscope on the back of the #6 injector plug and measured a pulse width of about 6ms when i grounded the negative side of the coil to make the injectors fire.

With the plugs out laying on the valve cover all 6 cylinders appear to have good spark.

previous owner was chasing the same thing so it has a lot of new parts:

Fuel pump
Fuel filter
CHTS along with new harness plug
Reman AFM
All new injector connectors

I have the FSM and I have worked thru the following tests in the EF section (ambient temp is about 50*F for tests below):

Throttle Valve Switch Test
#1 - passed
#2 - passed
#3 - passed

AFM Tests
#1 - 200 ohm
#2 - 310 ohm
#3 - 70 ohm
#4 - no shorts to ground on pins 32/33/34/35
#5 - good, moves without resistance

Air temp sensor tests
#1 - 3.7k ohm
#2 - no short to ground

Cylinder head temp sensor test
3.3k ohm

Exhaust gas sensor test
0 ohm

Thermotime switch tests (i have the CSV unhooked and the fuel line blocked)
#1 - passed
#2 - 60 ohm

Control unit ground circuit tests
Passed, all have 0 ohm resistance to ground

Any ideas? i am stumped....
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