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Hello Everyone,

I searched to see if anyone had a similar problem before posting and read something about 240z needing some kind of relay conversion but when I was trying to look online to purchase something similar for my 280zx I couldnt find anything.

recently one of my headlights went out so I decided to just upgrade both to LEDs, ordered them from Amazon which said they were compatible with my vehicle, installed them, and the hi beams do not work. I recruited my literal rocket scientist roommate to help me with it and neither of us could figure it out. He checked with a multimeter and noticed that the voltage between the high beam and the ground was negative, as opposed to positive between low beam and ground. Also 24 hours later my dash lights went out and my turn signals started acting up so I'm assuming something is going on and blowing a fuse due to the LEDs.

I'm ready to take them back out and put regular headlights in but wanted to see if anyone could give any insight before doing so

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