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1980 ZX Overheat

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I have recently noticed my 80ZX having an overheat problem, first indications of this problem was the temperature started creeping to between half way and 270f during stop and go traffic. Lately I've notice a knock, (like low octane gas) noise when I get down on the accelerator, and just yesterday the temp shot up to 270f in stop and go traffic. It does go lower when air starts getting through it at speed. Looking for places to start trouble shooting myself before I spend big bucks taking it in!! Anyone got any easy fixes????
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sounds like you are getting poor flow, now from what

1. low fluid
2. Bad thermo
3 bad pump

1a. check/refill/flush fluid
1.1 Retains fluid
1.1a Water pump bad
1.1b Thermostat bad

1.2 Looses fluid
1.2a heat car up with full fluids, pop the hood look for leaks
1.2a1 no luck....start replacing cap, then hoses
then water pump, then radiator.

2a. Bad thermo...run the car w/o a thermostat see if that fixes it,
2.1 Yes, Replace w/ new thermo
2.2 No, Look at pump

3. uh....just replace it...best way to tell for 25 bucks

that should give you an idea

good luck Jon

feel free to email me....i am a cooling king, lol
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