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1980 Datsun 280zx Spare tire air canister

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Im looking for an air canister to fill my spare tire. If you dont know, the spare only fits in the car when its flat but has an air canister to fill the tire when needed. If anyone has one or knows where i can find one that would be great.
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I got an org one i will sell 65 bucks shipped. you could get 12 v air pump.
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I found these they are not OEM but from what I read in the FSM the OEM canisters are 1 time use.

I vote for the air pump also. It takes longer, but works just as well. And much less expensive. Empty cans are sometimes available on Ebay, for those who just want one to go with their car, such as for display at a car show.

I've inflated and used my folding spare twice, both times using the 12 volt air pump. It takes about five minutes to inflate.
12v air pump
At this point in time, after 27 years, is that canister even good. I've had to use my spare a couple times, but each time used an air compressor. I do have the air canister for that one time I have a flat in the middle of nowhere...you know, like Iowa. I'd go the air comp route. They are less than $10 at Harbor Freight, cheaper than replacing the canister.

Now, does anyone know if the canisters are refillable.
i even canned the collapseable spare as the only tire problems I have had in the last twenty years are slow leakers from sheet rock screws (even the 3/8 bolt i picked up in the front tire of the Ranger). I carry the 12v compressor for emergencies and you save maybe 30 pounds or so. you can only drive so far and so fast on the weenie wheel but you can keep pumping up the regular tire..
I don't think the cylinders are refillable. They were filled with a CFC refrigerant type material. If they have not lost much weight, they should still work as designed. The only ways to be sure are to weigh them (if you know the original weight) or to use them successfully, which can only be done once! The CFC was one of the reasons that Nissan had to stop selling them. And I've read that they were about $50 each when still in stock.

One of my flats was a VERY fast leaker, about ten minutes from full to flopping. The hole was even too much for a can of flat fixer. So, I always drive around with five tires.
i have a 1979 280zx. I found a can of that stuff in my car! still full .. looks brand new .. for being 31 yrs old
I checked out that website and saw that they were all air tanks. From what i know, the air compressors need a cigarette lighter and mine don't work. With that said, i am still looking for a canister that will fill the spare tire.
Get the air compressors cut wires put on alligator clips.
But offer stands 65 bucks org unopened tire inflater . Also i have tool kit looks like new with lugs in cellophane. If any body has to have it.
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You could run 12v from your tail lights right there in the spare tire compartment....or pay $65.
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