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1978 280z 2+2 no power won't turn over

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hey all back to my original project. it is a 1978 280z 2+2 automatic i can't get the car to turn over unless i manually trip one of the relays under the little civer in front of the batt not sure which relay it is it has 4 connectors and none of the gauges will work either with out this relay being tripped. Once the relay is tripped the car will start and run misse a little but i think this si from sitting bad gas and such. what do you think ? fusible link or ?
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You CAN do it!

get out the 77 Z schematic, a DVM, 2 cups of coffee, a Motorsports catalog, common hand tools and hold that "civer in front of the battery." As always good luck Jim. Norm K.
Re: You CAN do it!

What are you smoking ? if you are of no help then don't respond to the post
So polite?

You expect help after your response to Norm?

Amazing how in 10 posts you can be so arrogant. If you don't like the free and CORRECT advice, take the car to a mechanic, and pay him an hourly rate. You obviously have not performed the tasks people told you to perform the last three times you posted this problem, or the car would be running.

It is your car, you ARE expected to read the schematic, and perform the troubleshooting. The answer was given. Look on the schematic to determine what signal 'engages' the relay you 'tripped'. That is the missing signal!

I usually say good luck, but I won't to you.
A round 4-pin connector?

If so, I'm sure that goes to the A/C... unless you are talking about the fusible links... do a search for author 'Blue' and click on the tech tips..

is this the 'relay' you are referring to in the picture of this post?


I believe that is the fuel pump relay you are talking about maybe? Car definetly won't run without that working. And norm was telling you to look up that part in the MSA catalog so you can buy a new one. So take a chill pill.
Re: So polite?

So polite don't believe i asked for your 2 cents if you do not have any relevent trouble shooting help! by the way (him) where's your cape ?
Re: A round 4-pin connector?

hey wayne that is not the relay i was refering to it is under the little metal cover in front of the batt. it has no markings so i can't tell what it is for obviously it has something to do w/ the ignition as when you trip the relay the car starts fine i don't know what you are refering when you say round 4 pin connector the relay has 4 blades and is square
You are unique

You made alot of friends with your posting style. Continue to act this way you will go far?

Thanks for the email.
Sorry these little car can be quite nerve rattling, anyways thanks for the input will take it with a grain of salt from now on! guess you all have been here to or, stil are sorry won't happen again!
hey ummm the fuel pump realy is located above the ECU....its the box with two square connectors on it...take the metal cover off, and manualy press the realy...it the fuel pump comes on, the realy is probbaly bad...its $93 from MSA new, or free if you find a new on in a junker when the owner isnt around ;-)
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