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Hey all. My '77 Z-car broke down on a highway last night, and I am just going to get it in about 15 minutes. What happened was, I was driving a friend home when I came around a curve and saw a guy getting back in his truck. The road was narrow so I let off the gas for about 4 seconds to pass him more safely. When I put my foot back on the gas, there was no power at all, and I had no choice to coast onto the shoulder of the road at 11:45pm, 10 degrees outside :( Luckily someone picked my up and I made a call and got home.

Anyone have any idea whats going on here? The ign. coil is about a month old, and it is sparking. The plugs are recent, the wires are transferring spark to them, and from what I can hear, the fuel pump is pumping and gas is flowing. The only other thing I can think of right away is a broken Timing Chain. Same thing happened on my old Honda Civic wagon. The belt broke and ultimately twisted my camshaft apart and mangled plenty of valves. I dont THINK an L28 engine is an interference engine is it? Please say no so I dont have to worry about twisted camshafts and bent valves while it's being towed back.

battery power: 750 Cranking amps (as of last night)
spark plugs: AC Delco rapid fire, 3 months old
coil: high performace, 55,000 volt
starter: working fine
gas: should be flowing

When I try to start it, the engine cranks over just fine, and sounds fairly normal, but nothing wants to start turning itself after I let off the starter.

Someone please help me! An e-mail reply would be preferred.

if it IS the timing chain, is it difficult to replace if I did it myself? I hate paying tons of labor for a cheap part!
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