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1977 280zx n/a to Turbo swap.

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I just need to clear to things up. Is it possible to use the 1977 fuel injected harness on the l28et with p90a head? Any thing special i need to do ?
And will the L-7 transmission fit on this engine, It seems to have some sort of pin on the top that wont let the tranny mount to the l28et
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sounds like you need to do a lot more research. Try scanning some older posts.
Yes you can use the stock 77 harness, do a search on here and you will find.

As far as the l-7?? I have no clue what that is.
Auto trans maybe = L-7
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A quick Google search revealed that it's a BMW auto transmission.
nissan truck tranny maybe.
Also, I hate to be a stickler but... if its a '77, its a Z, not a ZX.
Just sayin'.
My bad i thought the seats in the back made it a zx, and the current transmission in there is a L 6 4speed., its on the right side of the transmission near the clutch lever, and the new one says L7 which is 5 speed
someone just did that conversion on a 77 280zr. there is a complete walkthrough and cheatcodes.
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