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1977 280Z

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I just bought this car today i believe it will turn out to be a good project car, ive owned a 75 260 but didnt keep i very long. i need to get as much info on it as i can to start restoring it any help is greatly appreciated.engine compartment,interior,exterior
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ebay.com for the hard to find or no longer made stuff...

here under parts and accessoties and zbarn to the left and links...




http://www.geocities.com/zgarage2001/z.html ? not sure is this is still a good link

Order catalogs from both:


http://www.zcarparts.com and join a club that can get you 20% off from them...

I'm sure others will have other links also...

also check out http://www.hybridz.com and check out the links there also.

check your date on your car because early 77 is diff on some parts the later 77 I have a 1/77 which has the slopped rear deck...
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HAVE FUN! That's all I have to say. I bought mine when I was 16 and I restored the whole interior, paint job, and did mods to my engine. It was the most fun I ever had changing the car so that it was mine. Now, when you say restore, I personaly think that you should make it your way, and not origional. There is no fun in that. When people see the inside of my car who own Z's, they all ask me where I got this and that from, and how did I think of that. I love my Z. Take care of it though, because mine has been broke for about 6 months now due to a blown rod while racing :( But, I am getting a 83 ZXT Engine so, It'll be all good. Have fun and good luck. You will break many thinngs...trust me!

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