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Selling my 1976 Datsun 280Z with a 1982 280ZX L28ET turbo engine installed. It is a the 2 seater version with a 280ZX 5-speed transmission installed. I hate to sell this car but I got too many cars, not enough space, and time to work on it. I'm hoping I can find a good home for it. I am unsure of the history before I got my hands on it but I have had this car for more than a decade now. The original engine overheated so I found a L28ET and was the first swap I had done. I ran the car with the turbo engine for a while and the waterpump failed on me and I overheated that engine so I had a shop swap in an 83' L28ET engine in withe P90A head. So the harness is from an 82 but the engine from an 83, they're pretty much the same engine though. I have tried to BAR the swap and it failed the CO portion. It has all the emissions equipment so it should pass visual. I don't know what could cause it to fail CO. Then I never got around to it again. This is a 1976 model also so it requires a smog check. The car is being sold as is with no smog certificate, it's a project car. The car runs but it needs a lot of work done to it. The car runs and drives however the headlights are not functioning right now because I was in the middle of installing headlights relays and it needs new tires. So you would need to tow it. Car has clean it. It's a great car and I hate to sell it, if your looking for S30Z project car this'd a good one. I will include my collection of Z parts with the car as well. Car is also non-op so there should be no fees if you try to register it. Car sold as is and smog will be the buyers responsibility.

Here are the specs and mods:

1982 L28ET Engine plus ECU installed
MSD 6A Ignition
MSD Blaster 2 Coil
NGK Spark Plug Wires
NGK Spark Plugs
RX7 Front Mount Oil Cooler
2.5" Downpipe-back Exhuast system (crush bent)
N1 Style 2.5" inlet Muffler (Optional Silencer)
Single Electric Radiator fan
Python Injection 1983 280ZXT OEM remanufactured ECU

1" wheel spacers
Motorsports Auto Roll bar
Big 1989 Toyota 4X4 Front Calipers painted black
Vented 300ZX Front brake Rotors
JSK Billet Aluminum hub spacer (for correct caliper alignment)
Front stainless steel braided brake lines
Rear Disc conversion
240SX calipers
240SX rotors
81 Maxima rear caliper brackets
Spectra Premium brake pads
Civic Front Strut Bar
Quickor Single Rate springs
1" Drop from stock
Tokiko Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks
Datsun Competition Style 7/8" Front sway bar

280ZX 5-Speed Manual Transmission
Brass Shifter Bushings
Solid front Differential Mount
Energy Suspension Rear Differential Mount Bushings (Also known as a Moustache bar)
Motorsports Auto Roll bar
BG Syncroshift Tranny Fluid
Phantom Grip LSD
Motorsport Technology Racing Division USA 1" wheel spacer/adapters

Weight Reduction:
Swapped large front bumper for smaller front bumper (25lbs - 5lbs = 20lbs)
Air conditioning condenser and lines removed (12 lbs)
Air Conditioning Compressor Removed (20 lbs)
Tranny Heatshield Removed (2 lbs)

Misc Mods:
Xenon Front Air Dam
H4 Conversion lights w/ Toucan Eurolite Xenon Bulbs
Headlight relay mod
Shelby Slots (14x6)
260Z Custom mounted front bumper
Sony 208 watts CDX-GT200 FM/AM CD MP3 Deck
Autometer EGT gauge
Suntune 20 psi boost gauge
Aero Style External Mirror
Apexi Turbo Timer and AF ratio meter
BRE Style Rear Spoiler
MSA ZG style Fender flares
Mazda MX-3 Driver's seat

What needs to be fixed:
- Headlight relay wiring, the last thing I tried to fix was the custom headlight relays I made and I haven't finished it so the headlights and highbeams do not work
- Front sway bar mounts rusted/stripped out, new threads need to be installed.
- New to installed a 1976 280Z alternator or run rewire the ZX alternator installed
- Paint is in bad shape
- Has some rust holes on body
- Engine harness may need to be rewired because of alternator
- Needs new tires
- Parking brake bracket needs to be welded to rear calipers, right now there is a clamp holding it on.
- Brake booster needs to be replaced, the brakes work but it needs a lot of pedal effort.
- It has veterans plates, if you don't want to pay extra you would have to revert them back to normal plates.
- Stereo deck is missing faceplate.
- Dent on fender was there when I first got the car, I have another white fender that is straight that I will include with car.
- Also has a nice aluminum radiator I found at a Z swapmeet haven't installed to replace the banged up 280ZX radiator installed.

Asking $5000
Car is located in San Jose, California

I don't go on ZCAR that much anymore so please shoot me an email if you are interested.
email: [email protected]

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You will have to sell it as a parts only car in CA without smog. Assuming you have a fairly new CAT on it and a new temperature sensor, probably the AFM is bad. With a new CAT, rebuilt AFM, and no vacuum leaks, these engines read zero on CO. I even passed smog before with a pitted head surface and bad oil control rings! You probably won't get that price with the rust and somewhat rough interior, but if you do those things and get smog passed you will. Some young guy will overlook the cosmetics and possible floor rust if any if he can drive it home and it goes fast.

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If I can get it to pass smog and BAR'd I'd just keep it then, I was holding on for the hope that this will become smog exempt but doesn't look like its happening. Thanks for the tip on the AFM. Its more a project car than a parts car. I would hate to have someone take the car and strip it for the parts.
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