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I just bought a 1976 280z, my first problem is I believe this car was in the Houston flood. The previous owner has put a few aftermarket items on the car, such as power windows, remote locks, and a stereo system. The car was offered for $9500, but I asked for $5500, If I came down to Houston that night(a 4-hour drive), I'd seen the pictures and some videos and I had determined that the interior was amazing, not perfect but for what it was pretty nice. He said the battery died and that's why the doors wouldn't open, due to the aftermarket locks. I took him at his word. Once I get the car home, that's when things fall apart. The passenger door won't open at all, the handle is broken and the internals is disconnected. The inside handle on the Driver's side was disconnected but the inside one wasn't. Anyway, my question is, what do I need to look for in a flood car, especially one with aftermarket electrics and a sketchy owner? I can't seem to find the internal parts for the doors to make a repair. The car has VERY little rust, a little flash rust from scuffed paint and bad seals, but that's it.
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