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1983 280zx n/a 5-speed t-tops
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Welcome. Great project! You will have a lot to do even though it appears to be a good shape starting point. One of your biggest challenges will be figuring out what was molested and what wasn't. Especially if this is your first Z project. There is a ton of information out there and most of it can be found by searching this forum or others. I'll link a few good starting places for resources and parts - others hopefully will add more.

For a flooded car I wouldn't hook up power to anything until I verified there wasn't still water/gunk in vital places. ECU, distributer, dash area guages, wire harness and all connections to engine, AFM and entire intake. I would change the oil and antifreeze, transmission and rear diff fluids. Pay attention to how they look when you drain them. Though the previous owner may have done that for sale; I wouldn't trust it.

In fact, unles you want to chance driving the car soon then disassembling the intake, exhaust, valve cover and pulling the head is the best way to see the condition of engine. Of course you'll wonder about the crank and main bearings.

Its up to you how much risk you're willing to take when reviving the engine but a little due diligence should be okay.

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